Launching the #TotalBodyBlitz at Sue Shields Spa

So, as the sun starts to hint at Summer or you’re booking your holiday, it suddenly dawns on you, that your body isn’t ready to ditch the jumper and don the bikini.

The Sue Shields Spa, the #TotalBodyBlitz is an absolute revolution in working on your problem areas. It is booked on a per-area basis, so for example, if your thighs are your main concern you can come to the salon and combine several treatments to shift stubborn cellulite, get rid of pockets of hard fat, sculpt, smooth, tighten skin, and improve circulation and drainage – all of this time is spent on your problem area. We will use the most up to date treatments and machines for this including: Endermologie (lipo massage), Zimmer Cryotherapy (fat freezing), Tripollar (skin tightening) and the Universal Contour Wrap.

Initially we will book you in with one of our senior therapists for a free initial consultation to listen to, and assess your concerns. We will then put together a ‘prescription’ of treatments tailored to you and your body goals.

This is not just a quick fix, more of a body boost – especially when you have used diet and exercise to try and get the body you want. Unfortunately, no matter how much diet and exercise some ladies do, it won’t help you budge stubborn cellulite or hard fat deposits. Also for those ladies who have already lost weight, or those ladies who are possibly sporting a post-pregnancy tummy and are now are left with loose skin, we can use the #TotalBodyBlitz to correct this without the need to go in for surgery.

The #TotalBodyBlitz is to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle. If used correctly you will see the body you have always wanted when you look at yourself in the mirror. You’ll soon have the confidence to wear a bikini.

So, whether you need to shed six inches, get rid of cellulite, or firm up sagging skin, there’s a quick pre-holiday fix for you, which will give you the confidence to bare all.

“If you give us your problem, we have the solution to make you feel great,” says Jo Walton (Owner of Sue Shields Spa, Carnforth).

“Everyone has different concerns about different parts of their body, particularly when it comes to thinking about putting on a bikini, but even if it is two weeks before your holiday, it isn’t too late, we will have a treatment which will make you feel good about your problem areas.

The treatments don’t just stop on your body either, the new Elemis Biotec facials and/or Tripollar skin tightening can be used on the face – including the neck. Lifting and ironing out a jowling neckline, and deep set wrinkles to give you visibly firmer, smoother and younger skin.

Also, unsightly hair can be gone in a flash with our laser machine, or waxing, and thread veins can be a thing of the past with our Skin rejuvenation therapy & IPL.

Sue Shields, which has 14 treatment rooms at its Carnforth spa, has been boosting women’s confidence and lifestyles through treatments for over 20 years.

“We are at the forefront of up-to-date treatments. We look at trends, but also at clinically proven results, and only use the best brands and products – along with our highly trained staff and a 5 star reputation – you can trust that you are in safe hands when you visit.” Says Jo.

With a free consultation, you have nothing to lose apart from the years of bikini fear you may have been harbouring. Put your trust in us and our revolutionary way of thinking, our #TotalBodyBlitz is exactly what every ‘body’ needs! Find out more on our Twitter page @SueShieldsSpa, or phone us today on 01524730369.